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Hi! I'm Jared.

I just moved to New York City to create amazing choral music.

I'm really passionate about music that blends the highest level of musicianship with audience accessibility - music, to me, is about people and their stories, and deserves to be for people, too.


I learned to direct and arrange performing with Hyannis Sound for four years. They're a professional college aged all-male a cappella group on Cape Cod that has become my closest group of friends and formed who I am today, because the group is such an immersive musical and social experience.

I learned to conduct at UConn under Dr. Jamie Spillane and Dr. Peter Bagley, and from singing with Voce for two years under Mark Singleton. Voce is an amazing and acclaimed professional choir in Hartford, and was the group that made me want to move to New York. I'm so excited for even more singing at that level.


I learned to sing classically under Rod Nelman - he's absolutely the best.

I sing with a group I founded called Highline! They're a vocal jazz quintet here in New York and they're some of my best friends. I do a lot of arranging for them which is both challenging and fun!

I also really love singing jazz and beatboxing. Outside music, I'm constantly thinking about philosophy, psychology, fitness, productivity, and cooking. You can reach me at jared@jaredgraveley.com!